The beauty of Faisal mosque

A place not to be missed, if you are visiting pakistan.

I have compiled together some outstanding photos, and edited them into a short video clip.

Please read my blog “Faisal Mosque Islamabad” for detailed information.

Blushing Sunset

Driving on the roads of Pakistan, with an evening breeze in October.

Green trees standing on the left, sun is setting in the clouds of blue sky.

Motorbikes riding on the road, along with a car driving in front of us.

A few clicks on the camera of my phone, outstanding results can now be observed.

Seven senior PAF officers are appointed by PIA ‘to face targets’

According to Tribune an announcement was made on Wednesday that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will be posting seven experienced officers of Pakistan Army Force (PAF) at distinct levels for the national flag carrier.

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Four officers are appointed to PIA CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik, stated Mashood Tajwar a spokesman of PIA.

He also added, three remaining officers will be working with PIA on different positions.

From air marshal posts to flight lieutenant officers shall be appointed.

Stated by sources, the targets set by the government will be met by this movement in order to cut the losses suffered by PIA.

Members also stated, the decision made was to guide the extremely out of money airline into right way.

The CEO of PIA will originally perform duties as acting head, and included are other officers such as Air Vice Marshal Subhan Nazir Syed, Air Vice Marshal Noor Abbas and Air Commodore Khalidur Rehman.

The appointed officers will serve between one and three years, and supervise procession engineering, chief executive secretariat and information technology.

Furthermore, in order to better the airline’s performance, duties of budgeting, food services, PAC projects, finance and the HR department have also been given to the officers.


Memorable PICS of my vacation to PAKISTAN! A visit to Rohtas Fort….

By RazPhotos

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View of the nearby mosques from 2nd level terrace of Rohatas Fort.

By RazPhotos

Mesmerising view of defensive walls from the bastionĀ at Rohtas Fort.

By RazPhoto

Close up view of thick defensive walls from the bastion of Rohtas Fort.

By RazPhotos

View from 3rd level terrace each attached by the staircase at Rohtas Fort. The abandoned mosque is situated in middle of grass field.

By RazPhotos

Another outstanding view of the defensive walls at Rohtas Fort, edging with scenic hills.

By RazPhotos

The Haveli and remaining mansion of Man Singh at Rohtas Fort.

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By RazPhotos

Close up of Man Singh’s remaining mansion at Rohtas Fort. A rickshaw can be seen parked near the staircase. Tourists visit only room left of the remaining mansion.

By RazPhotos

The 16th century coins of Emperor Sher Shah Suri, at Sohail Akbar Khan Visitors Information Centre, Rohtas Fort museum.

By RazPhotos

The shields of (British period) at Rohtas Fort museum.

By RazPhotos

Swords and helmet of (British Period) at Rohtas Fort museum.

By RazPhotos

Swords of the (British Period) at Rohtas Fort museum.

By RazPhotos

Statues of Emperor Sher Sha Suri with his guards at Rohtas Fort museum.

By RazPhotos

Statue of the wife (seated) of Sher Sha Suri at Rohtas Fort museum.

By RazPhotos

Sohail Akbar Khan Visitors Information Centre/Museum Rohtas Fort.

By RazPhotos

View of the Akbar Khan visitors Information Centre/ museum from 1st level terrace of Rohtas Fort.

By RazPhotos

Sher Shah Suri constructed Rohtas Fort to block Emperor Humayun’s return from India after defeating him in the battle of Kanouj. (Wikipedia)

By RazPhotos

Viewing the 3 levels of terrace each attached by a staircase. The outer walls of bastion, give a lighter shade through the reflection of sun.

By RazPhotos

Yet another stunning view of Rohtas Fort, from above the grassfields and below the shining sun. The fresh breeze and clear skies, with a hint of small clouds overlooking the hills far away.

By RazPhotos

The rays of shining sun above the grassfield and bastion fortifying the thick walls at Rohtas Fort.



People will be charged by Customs for taking an additional mobile phone to Pakistan

According to Samaa the government of Pakistan, is charging a remarkably soar duty on mobile phones brought in to Pakistan.

android phone blur cellular telephone close up
Photo by MOHI SYED on

This applies to everyone from profit-oriented importers to passengers travelling to Pakistan. All expatriates coming to Pakistan, or a Pakistani returning from an official trip abroad must pay the duty if carrying extra mobile phones.

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money gold coins finance
Photo by Pixabay on

Tax will not be payable by people carrying only one smartphone. However, people holding extra mobile phones would have to pay tax on them. Furthermore, it is not permissable to carry more than five headsets a year.

The structure of duty/tax is complicated, as stated in Samaa. However, some calculations have been done as following: If an additional mobile phone is valued at RS40,000, then a tax and other duties of RS16,100 or 40% would have to be paid, leading to an overall cost to RS56,100. Depending on the price of the handset, duty and tax will vary. The below diagram taken from ( shows how much to pay for the smartphone:

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Diagram from

Officials stated, duties will apply to both smartphones, new (packed) or used (unpacked) with an IMEI or SIM function. However, currently the government is allowing only used phones and new (packed) phones – in case of a second phone – is being charged with new Customs duty. Duties have already been confirmed by the government for used phones, and legislation is being made in regards to this.

Photo by Pixabay on

Critics have stated, both consumers and traders will be upset by the soaring duties on imports of handsets. With these higher duties, devices will become more expensive and “out of reach for the marginalised parts, being deprived from the advantages of what internet offers”. They also stated, it will slow down internet penetration and the expansion of internet-based economy.

To stop the smuggling of mobile phones, which cost the exchequer millions in tax evasion, it is neccessary to take this step, stated the government.

agreement balance business commerce
Photo by Pixabay on

The government is working to simplify the complicated old tax framework, a Customs Official stated. The aim is to initially halt smuggling, since 40% of the imports are smuggled items, he (annonymous) clarified. Furthermore, according to Samaa, he also stated: “Once, we have done away with it and simplified the tax structure, the goverment will certainly consider reducing taxes, especially on low-end phones.” (



Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore

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Situated in Lahore is Minar-e-Pakistan a nationalĀ monument of Pakistan. Between 1960 and 1968 this tower was built on a location where the All-India Muslim LeagueĀ (a political party founded in the British Indian Empire, throughout the initial years of the 20th century) approved the Lahore Resolution on 20th March 1940. It was the first authorised call for an individual and independent native land for the Muslims of British India as adopted by the two-nation theory (the foundation of the existence of Pakistan). The resolution finally helped cause the emergence of an independent Pakistani state in 1947. (Wikipedia)

Minar-e-Pakistan (RazPhotos)

The construction of Minar-e-Pakistan started on 23rd March 1960 and was completed on 21st October 1968. The height of the tower is 62 metres (203 ft), and the architect was Nasreddin Murat-Khan. According to Wikipedia, the architect was a Russian-born Pakistani (1904-1970). He was well known for many notable buildings and structures.

Nasreddin Murat-Khan (architect)

The design of the tower is reflected by a mixture of Mughal/Islamic and contemporary architecture. The construction took eight years costing approximately Rs 7,058,000. It is stated that, the governor of West Pakistan, Akhtar Hussain demanded money be gathered by charging extra tax on horse racing and cinema tickets. Present time, the minaret supplies extensive view, by means of an elevator to those visitors who cannot access the top nor use the stairs. There is an artificial lake and marble fountains in the parks nearby the monument. (Wikipedia)


Faisal Mosque Islamabad


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Pakistan is the most beautiful and only country I visit on a regular basis. Faisal Mosque or Faisal Masjid is an amusing tourist place to visit, that blows ones mind with it’s astonishing architectural design. The remarkable fountain situated on the courtyard of the mosque is an extended attraction. Not to forget the tourist shop, where one can buy charming souveniers. A recommended mosque to visit next time your in Pakistan.


According to Wikipedia, Faisal Mosque is located on the foothills of Margalla Hills, in Islamabad, Pakistan. The mosque is inspired by a Bedouin tent (traditionally made by hand of sheep or goat hair, that provides a perfect shelter), and features a modern design comprising of eight sides of concrete shell. Faisal Mosque is referred as a contemporary and dominant aspect of Islamic architecture, and is a significant tourist attraction.

In 1976 the construction of the mosque started, after the Saudi King Faisal,  whose name it carries, contributed a $120 million grant. Vedat Dalokay a Turkish architects unconventional design was opted at an international competition. The mosque is shaped like a Bedouin tent, and encompassed by four 79m high minarets. The diagram features eight-sided shell shaped sloping roofs creating a triangular reverence hall that can bear 100,000 worshippers, and upto 200,000 and more in the courtyard and encircling porticoes. (Wikipedia)

The mosque is situated at the end of Faisal Avenue, and dominates the landscape of Islamabad, covering an area of 54,000 square feet. From 1986 until 1993, Faisal Mosque was the biggest mosque in the world, then mosques in the MENA area took over. In terms of capacity, according to Wikipedia, Faisal mosque is the fourth largest mosque.



Flying with Etihad Airways from Manchester Airport


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My initial experience flying with Etihad Airways. The journey started on Friday 20th April 2018, from Manchester International Airport.

The flight was scheduled at 9.00am, to Islamabad, however it had been delayed an hour. There was enough time until airborne , so we decided to roam around terminal 1 lounge. Interestingly, we came across a man selling tickets for a competition to win a car. The company BOTB had displayed a real car, perhaps to approach more people to buy the tickets.

BOTB (Best of the Best PLC), has been operating in the main airports since 1999. Fortunately, “Dream Car and Lifestyle Competition” company, gives away a Dream Car every week.

According to Wikipedia, to date BOTB has handed keys over to more than Ā£22m worth of prizes. It is stated that in 2018, BOTB launched an independent weekly lifestyle competition that gave away motorbikes, luxury watches and cash.

Customers purchase tickets for the prize they desire to win, and play Spot the Ball. An independent panel of judges considers the person nearest to the ball wins the car of that week. The company as stated in Wikipedia, is listed on the AIM London Stock Exchange, and it’s headquarter is in Fulham London.

BOTB Internet

Surprisingly, the idea of few people winning a selected car of their choice was an opportunity not to be missed. Five tickets for Ā£10 was a fair deal, so I purchased some.

Personal details were collected on the computer, and I was told to continue checking my email. Confused at the fact that no receipt was given to me, and I wasn’t aware of the ticket numbers. My mind began to wonder if this was a scam and just a way to make money.

Etihad Airways is a pleasant airline to fly with, with its professional and caring crew. The 7 hour journey to Abu DhabiĀ  (layover destination) was comfortable.

Food was the main issue for me, as my taste buds are very sensitive! Spinach and feta Arabic pastry was served as a snack, but unfortunately, it didn’t impress my taste buds. It had a rich aroma and bulky texture, with a weird taste. After one bite, the pastry was placed back into its presentable fancy packet. From all the meals served on this flight, breakfast was my favourite. Roast potatoes, omelette and grilled tomatoes were delicious.


The entertainment system wasĀ  working, but nothing fascinating was screening. However, the journey map was exceptionally useful, demonstrating the exact point of travel.


The seats were quite comfortable and spacious, with USB and phone charger sockets. Amazed by the unique, impressive cup holder, that kepy the cup intact, avoiding any spillages during the flight.

screenshot_20181209-020245_video player5845209125719493158..jpg

The flap of the cup holder can be placed back, when not in use.